C&C Title & Settlement, LLC

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A General Guide for Purchasers

There are a number of items involved on your end as well as your lenders , agents and closing agencies end.  We hope this checklist helps aid you on your end.

Prior to or while looking for a home:

  • Start working with a lender on getting pre-approved.

Immediately upon acceptance of the final contract:

  • Either you or your agent needs to provide your lender and our office with a copy of the contract and contact information.  Once we receive the contract we send out an information sheet for you to fill out and get back to us, we ask that you get that back to us within a couple days to insure we order the deed the way you want, we order a survey quote if wanted, etc.
  • Be sure you or your agent orders a home inspection.  At that time you have the home inspection have your agent create an inspection addendum for any items needed to be fixed that were noted by the home inspector for  the seller to repair.

Two weeks before closing date:

  • Check in with your lender to be sure closing is on schedule.  If so at that time schedule your moving truck and utility transfers.  Now is the time to do a change of address at the post office as well.

A couple days prior to closing:

  •   If you had not heard from us you may contact us to schedule the closing date and time.

Day before closing:

  •  Schedule or do the walk thru with your agent to be sure all repairs have been made and house is in the same order as when you put the contract in.
  • Get certified funds for closing.

Day of closing:

  • Bring photo ID for anyone that is on the deed and/or borrowers.
  • Bring certified funds.
  • Bring any additional documents requested by your lender.